Dia De Los Muertos Wildcat

Local owner's Saqib "Q" and Natasha, of the Arizona Wildcats Store, took their family's love for the rich cultures they had grown up with in Tucson and commissioned, local artist, Marcoso Oliva to collaborate and help create the Dia de Los Muertos Wildcat Face. They wanted to showcase the diverse cultures that have inspired art all over Tucson. Q, Natasha and Marcoso wanted to take elements from Hispanic culture, the local landscape, classic university of Arizona logos and the Arizona Wildcat community.

They started with the original Arizona Wildcat face and altered it to represent traditional sugar skulls, and added symbols of Tucson and the state of Arizona. The infinity sign  was placed to show that the love for the University of Arizona is infinite. Many of the elements were derived from the University of Arizona's vault logos as a way to pay tribute to the rich past of the University and those who came before us.

This project has been a great way to have a new mark be such a symbol of the local culture of Tucson and the University of Arizona. While it has its roots in Dia de Los Muertos, it goes beyond that as well. It brings together a diverse group of individuals who love to Bear Down with pride and honor the culture that makes Tucson so beautiful!

As Q said, "This is art and as a team we looked to create a beautiful thing that symbolized Tucson and the University of Arizona. This piece was made for EVERYONE in Tucson and generations to come."

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